EU - NCG 4th Annual Meeting

Bucharest, Romania, April 25 - 30, 2011

The 4-th annual meeting of the European Non Commutative Geometry Network,

will take place in Bucharest at the "Simion Stoilow" Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy.


Sara Azzali The signature operator and the L2-local index theorem
Edwin Beggs Line bundles and the Thom con- struction in non-commutative geometry
Rasmus Bentmann Universal Coefficient Theorems for C*-algebras over finite topological spaces
Jyotishman Bhowmick Quantum isometry groups
Marcel Bischoff Local nets on Minkowski half-plane associated to lattices
Rodrigo Blando Matrix Models and Geometries
Henning Bostelmann Scaling limits of factorizing scattering models
Bernhard Burgstaller On inverse semigroup equivariant KK-theory
Daniela Cadamuro Characterization of Local Operators in Factorizing Scattering Models
Valerio Capraro A geometric invariant coming from Connes' embedding conjecture
Roberto Conti Automorphisms of the Cuntz algebras
Thomas Cooney Fourier multipliers acting on noncommutative Lp spaces
Steven Deprez Fundamental groups of II_1 factors
Wojciech Dybalski Deformations of conformal field theories and the problem of asymptotic completeness
Ken Dykema Sofic Groups and Sofic Dimension
Siegfried Echterhoff The structure of crossed products by proper group actions
Francesco Fidaleo Ergodic properties of Bogoliubov automorphisms in free probability
Uwe Franz Symmetries of Levy Processes on compact quantum groups
Frederick Goodman Cellularity and the Jones Basic Construction
Axel de Goursac Non-formal deformation quantization of the Heisenberg supergroup
Jesper Grimstrup Coupling Matter to Quantum Gravity via Noncommutative Geometry
Antti Harju On Dirac Operators and Spectral Geometry of Compact Quantum Groups
Maria Joiţa On crossed-products of locally m-convex *-algebras
Thomas Kaltenbrunner Application of the Wang-Landau Algorithm to the 3-Matrix-Model
Yasuyuki Kawahigashi N=2 superconformal field theory and noncommutative geometry
Kathleen Grace Kennedy A new algorithm for the multivariable Alexander polynomial of a link
Claus Köstler Quantum Exchangeability
Nadia S. Larsen C*-algebras associated to product systems of C*-correspondences
Aldo Joram Lazar Centers of C*-algebras rich in modular ideals
Jennifer Maier Equivariant Drinfel'd Double
Sören Möller Radial Multipliers on Reduced Free Products
Eric Morfa-Morales Deformations of Quantum Field Theories on de Sitter Spacetime
Radu Munteanu On constructing non-ITPFI factors
Alexandru Nica On the C*-algebra of the Fock space representation for the q-commutation relations
Remus Nicoară Finiteness Results for Commuting Squares and Subfactors
Eduardo Ortega Graph C*-algebras and crossed products by endomorphisms
Hervé Oyono-Oyono Large scale geometry and controled K-theory
Liviu Păunescu Sofic actions
Nicola Pinamonti Semiclassical Einstein equations and non-commutative spacetimes
Mihai Popa Non-commutative functions and some of their applications in free probability
Ionel Popescu One Dimensional Free Poincare Inequality
Daniele Pranzetti Canonical Quantization of Non-Commutative Holonomies in 2+1 Loop Quantum Gravity
Mathew Pugh On nimrep graphs associated to SU(3) modular invariant partition functions
Jean Renault Bounded groupoid cocycles
Florian Robl The Hoelder inequality for KMS states and its application to thermal QFT
Giuseppe Ruzzi Precosheaves of C*-algebras and their representations, and applications to conformal nets
Christian Saemann Quantization of two-plectic manifolds
Adam Skalski Quantum isometry groups of duals of certain discrete groups
An Speelman Type II_1 factors with many Cartan subalgebras
Bernardino Spisso A first numerical approach to a Grosse-Wulkenhaar model
Adrian Tanasă Various mathematical aspects of Phi4 quantum field theory on the noncommutative Moyal space
Yoh Tanimoto Thermal states in conformal QFT
Hannes Thiel Inductive Limits of Projective C*-algebras
Martin Vachovski Study of critical phenomena in Three matrix model
Stefaan Vaes Rigidity for von Neumann algebras and their invariants
Roland Vergnioux Some examples of quantum group fusion rules
Simon Wassermann Free groups, Kazhdan groups and C*-algebras with no tensor factorisation
Wend Werner K-Theory and Symmetric Spaces
Bora Yalkinoglu Arithmetic subalgebras for general Bost-Connes systems
Makoto Yamashita Connes - Landi Deformation of Spectral Triples
Robert Yuncken Equivariant index theory and analysis on flag varieties
Jochen Zahn (Supersymmetric) Quantum Electrodynamics on Moyal Space
Paul Zinn-Justin Planar algebras and Potts model on random lattices


Last updated May 2, 2011
Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy