QMath 10


10th Quantum Mathematics International Conference

Moeciu, Romania, September 10 - 15, 2007


Speaker Title
Rafael Tiedra de Aldecoa Spectral analysis for convolution operators on groups
Volker Bach Construction of Ground States and Resonances in Nonrelativistic Quantum Electrodynamics
Miguel Ballesteros The Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Three Dimensions and Time-Dependent Inverse Scattering Theory
Ingrid Beltita L2-Sobolev estimates for the backscattering transfrom
Philippe Briet The Integrated Density of States in a Strong Magnetic Field
Jean-Bernard Bru Flow equations for operators and non-autonomous evolution equations
Dagmar Bruss A structural approach to unambiguous state discrimination
Catalin Ciupala Geometrical Objects on Matrix Algebra
Horia Cornean The effect of time-dependent coupling on non-equilibrium steady states
Nilanjana Datta Manipulating entanglement
Maria Esteban New self-adjointness results for Dirac operators via Hardy-Dirac inequalities
Pavel Exner Dirichlet networks squeezed to graphs, with a bent tube example
Francois Germinet Universal occurence of Anderson localization
Sylvain Golenia Positive commutators, Fermi golden rule and the spectrum of the 0 temperature Pauli-Fierz hamiltonians. The spectral translation approach.
Gian Michele Graf Fredholm determinants and counting statistics
Christian Hainzl On the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer model of superfluidity for general pair interactions
Frédéric Hérau Tunnel effect for Fokker-Planck type operators and applications
Pawel Horodecki Quantumness of correlations beyond quantum entanglement
Wataru Ichinose Some mathematical remarks on the Feynman path integral for the nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics
Arne Jensen Eigenvalues and Resonances - Some Results and Comments
Alain Joye Repeated Interaction Quantum Systems: Deterministic and Random
Rowan Killip The cubic non-linear Schrodinger equations in two dimensions
Frederic Klopp Lyapunov exponents and singular continuous spectrum
Yuri Kordyukov The periodic magnetic Schrodinger operators: spectral gaps and tunneling effect
Evgheni Korotyaev Estimates of effective masses and gap lengths for periodic nanotubes in magnetic fields
Enno Lenzmann Dynamical evolution of self-graviting relativistic matter in Hartree theory
Mathieu Lewin The thermodynamic limit of quantum Coulomb systems: a new approach
Christian Maes Quantum large deviations
Tudor Marian Gaussian Entanglement of Formation
Johanna Michor Scattering theory for Jacobi operators with quasi-periodic background
Takuya Mine Schroedinger operators with random delta magnetic fields
Peter Mueller Random colourings of quasiperiodic graphs: ergodic and spectral properties
Hagen Neidhardt On Eisenbud's and Wigner's R-Matrix
Irina Nenciu On the defocusing Ablowitz-Ladik equation
Francis Nier Semiclassical techniques and mean field limits
Konstantin Pankrashkin Spin-orbit Hamiltonians with short-range potentials
Rajendrasinh Himatsinh Parmar Solutions of conditionally exactly solvable potentials using polynomials trasformations
Mihai Pascu Classes of infinite order pseudodifferential operators
Yan Pautrat A quantum central limit for locally interacting fermionic systems
Sandu Popescu Quantum nonlocality and beyond
Anatoliy Prykarpatsky On quantum representation of classical dynamical systems
Radu Purice A Beals type criterion for pseudidifferential operators with a magnetic field
Paul Racec Linear response theory for open two-terminal quantum semiconductor systems
Serge Richard On the spectrum of magnetic Dirac operators with Coulomb-type perturbation
Vidian Rousse Fourier integral operators with complex phase, a mathematical justification of the semiclassical Herman-Kluk propagator
Adrian Sandovici On μ- scale invariant linear relations
Petr Seba t.b.a.
Robert Seiringer Vortices and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Rotating Bose Gases
Ilya Shereshevskii The mathematical model of the scattering in the stepwise waveguide
Luis Octavio Silva Pereyra The two spectra inverse problem for Jacobi matrices: Necessary and sufficient conditions
Erik Skibsted Two-body scattering at low energies
Leo Tzou Carleman Estimate for Systems and the Inverse Problem for the Dirac Operator
Daniel Ueltschi Bose-Einstein condensation and Feynman cycles
Saif Ullat Feedback control of probability amplitudes for two-level atom in optical field
Carlos Villegas-Blas Asymptotics of spectral clusters for a perturbation of the hydrogen atom
Ricardo Weder Inverse Scattering at a Fixed Energy
Valentin Zagrebnov Boson Gas with BCS Interaction
Grigorii Zhislin Stability of pseudorelativistic systems of n identical paricles with permutational symmetry account
Maciej Zworski Local smoothing in the presence of lots of trapping


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