Deterministic and Stochastic Methods in the Study of Certain Evolution Models

Research Contract within the Excellence Research Programme of ANCS
Nr. 2-CEx06-11-18/2006

October 2006 - November 2008

(romanian version)

Scientific Reports:


International Cooperations:

  • Cooperation with the SPECT project of the European Science Foundation and GDR - Mathematique et Physique Quantique in organizing the 10-th edition of the International Conference Quantum Mathematics.
  • Cooperation with the AMaMeF project of the European Science Foundation.

    Published Books

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    Edited Volumes

    1. I. Beltita, Gh. Nenciu, R. Purice Mathematical Results in Quantum Mechanics, World Scientific, 2008, 312 pp.

    Published papers:

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    3. V. Dragan, T. Morozan, Exponential stability in mean square for a general class of discrete-time linear stochastic systems. Preprint IMAR 2/2007.
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    8. A. Kristaly si V. Radulescu, Sublinear eigenvalue problems on compact Riemannian manifolds with applications in Emden-Fowler equations, (work in progress)
    9. L. Denis, A. Matoussi, L. Stoica, Maximum principle and comparaison theorem for quasilinear stochastic PDE's
    10. L. Beznea, N. Boboc, Feynman-Kac formula for left continuous additive functionals

    Conference Communications:

    1. V. Radulescu Phenomenes singuliers dans l'etude des equations aux derivees partielles elliptiques, plenary talk at the 8-th edition of the Franco-Romanian Colloquium on Applied Mathematics (Chambery, August 28 - September 2)
    2. I. Beltita L^2-Sobolev estimates for the backscattering transfrom, plenary talk at the 10-th edition of the International Conference Quantum Mathematics (Moeciu, September 10 - 15, 2007)
    3. R. Purice A Beals type criterion for pseudidifferential operators with a magnetic field, plenary talk at the 10-th edition of the International Conference Quantum Mathematics (Moeciu, September 10 - 15, 2007)
    4. D. Tiba Optimal control methods in shape optimization, talk given at the Workshop Optimal Control of Coupled Systems of PDE (Oberwolfach, March 2 - 8, 2008)

    PhD thesis:


    organized by IMAR, where modern results are presented and discussed concerning the theory of stochastic processes with jumps with applications in financial modelling.

    Conferences given at IMAR:

    1. George Yin (Wayne State University): Asymptotic properties of switching diffusion processes
      Friday May 9, 2008, at 16:00
    2. Akira Ichikawa (Kyoto University): Minimum energy control with applications to spacecraft rendezvous and docking
      Tuesday, August 21, 2007, at 10:00
    3. Liliana Gratie (City University of Hong-Kong): A New Approach to Elasticity Theory
      Tuesday October 23, 2007, at 11:00