"Minimum energy control with applications to spacecraft rendezvous and docking"

 Akira Ichikawa
(Kyoto University)

Consider a stablizable linear system with periodic solutions. For a given periodic orbit, the minimum energy problem is to find the infimum of the L^2 norm of controls which steer the state from the orbit to the origin asymptotically. The infimum is obtained in terms of the maximal solution of the singular Riccati equation associated with the system. Using this result, a design method of stabilizing feedback controllers which steers the state from the orbit to the origin with energy arbitrarily close to the infimum is proposed. As applications, the relative orbit transfer associated with the Hill-Clohessy-Whiltshire equations, and the Halo orbit control near the L^2 Lagrangian point of the Earth-moon-spacecraft system are discussed.

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