EU- Noncommutative Geometry – SIBIU 2007
International Workshop on:

Free Probabilities, Operator Spaces and von Neumann Algebras

Sibiu, Romania, June 9 - 16, 2007


Benoit Collins:
Siegfried Echterhoff:
Franco Fagnola:
Daniele Guido:
Paul Jolissaint:
James A. Mingo:
Remus Nicoara:
Ionel Popescu:
Roland Speicher:
Steen Thorbjoernsen:
Shoichiro Sakai:
Linearization and Connes Embedding Property
K- fibrations and non-commutative torus bundles
Cycle decomposition of quantum Markov semigroups and non-equilibrium phenomena
A trace on the C*-algebra of geometric operators on self-similar graphs
Strongly singular MASA's and mixing actions
Second order freeness and random matrices
Subfactors and Hadamard matrices
Free Talagrand inequality, a simple proof
Multiplication of free random variables and the S-transform: the case of vanishing mean
Asymptotic expansions for random matrices
Recent topics on C*-algebras (Consistency and independency) and Kadison-Singer problem


Last updated August 16, 2007
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