European partnership on several problems in mathematical analysis.

Scientific Cooperation Contract within the Excellence Research Programme of ANCS
Nr. CEx06-M3-102/01.08.2006
August 2006 - July 2008

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Workshop IMAR Fall 2006:

Organization of the CNRS European Associated Laboratory: Mathematique et Modelisation - Math-Mode

Cooperation IMAR, Bucuresti - Universitatea Aalborg - CPT Marsilia: Mathematical Models for Transport through Quantum Systems

Organization of the 3-rd Edition of the Anual Conference of the Europen Programme AMaMeF:
Pitesti, Romania, May 5 - 10 2008.  INVITED SPEAKERS

Organization of the 10-th Edition of the Series of International Conferences Quantum Mathematics:
QMath10 - Moeciu, Romania, September 10 - 15, 2007.  LIST OF PARTICIPANTS; ABSTRACTS; TALKS

Organization of the Workshop Potential Theory and Stochastics
Albac, September 4 - 8, 2007.
List of Participants; List of Talks; Program.

Organization of the Workshop Free Probabilities; Operator Spaces and von Neumann Algebras
Sibiu, Romania, June 9 - 16, 2007.
Abstracts; Talks.