1. General presentation

A summary description of SNSB is appended (in English)

2. Juridical status

The juridical support of SNSB is the Foundation Scoala Normala Superioara, created in 2000. SNSB functions on the base of the University Chart, which describe almost completely its way of functioning. We append these three documents (in English, French and Romanian):

2.1. Statute of the Foundation Scoala Normala Superioara

(in English, French, Romanian)

2.2. Additional Act to the Statute of the Foundation Scoala Normala Superioara

(in English, French, Romanian)

2.3. The Academic Chart of SNSB

(in English, French, Romanian)

SNSB is accredited as an institution of graduate studies by the Romanian Government (Decree 693 from June 12, 2003).

3. Admission

The admission to the Mathematics Department and to the Master Cycle of the Informatics Department follows strictly the chapter VII of the University Chart (art. 61-68).
Exceptionally, the admission to the Preliminary Cycle of the Informatics Department consist in passing the exam to the obligatory course "Mathematical Foundations of Algebraic Specification", programmed in the first semester of the first year. Any student can attend this course, with a simple inscription and the ones which pass the exam are considered students of SNSB.

4. Students

An exhaustive list of graduates of SNSB and actual students of SNSB is appended. This list contain the actual place of study, the published papers and the invitations to conferences of each of graduate of student:

4.1. List of graduates and students of SNSB

5. Choice of professors and courses

SNSB has no tenured professors, and the courses change yearly. The choice of the professors and of courses held each year at the Mathematics Department follows strictly the art. 47 of the University Chart: a call for courses is launched, a complete list of proposals is made and the Scientific Council decide by vote which courses from this list are accepted. We append as example the vote for the university year 2005-2006:

5.1. Example: the Call for Courses at the Mathematics Department for 2005-2006

5.2. Example: the vote for the choice of courses at the Mathematics Department for 2005-2006

Exceptionally, the choice of courses at the Informatics Department is made directly by the Director of the Department, whom has a mandate of three years given by the Scientific Council.

6. Professors and courses

We append the exhaustive list of courses held at SNSB from the beginning:

6.1. The list of courses at the Mathematics Department between 2001-2007

6.2. The list of courses at the Informatics Department between 2002-2007

We append files containing abstracts of all the courses proposed at the Mathematics Department, accepted or not by the Scientific Council:

6.3. Abstracts of all courses proposed at the Mathematics Department of SNSB

We append the abstracts of some optional courses held at the Mathematics Department:

6.4. Some optional courses (by Iftimie and Marin)

7. Research activity at SNSB

We append three scientific papers 1, 2, 3 published in scientific revues, written by students of the Informatics Department as a result of their activity at SNSB (they published these papers while they where students):

7.1. Some remarkable results of the students of the Informatics Department

Concerning the general connection of SNSB students with the research activity, we mention:
-each SNSB student is personally followed by a tutor, a researcher or professor who has the principal task to guide him toward research
 -the activity of SNSB is held in the location of the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy; as such, the students participate to the scientific seminaries of the institute
-many students are included in the research teams of the institute
-usually the master students receive temporary position at the institute
-SNSB paid all the requests for supporting the participation of its students to internal and external summer schools; there is not a complete situation, but for instance in the summer 2004 half of the students participated to external summer schools.

8. The budget

We append a summary of the budget for the period 2001-2007, containing the complete list of sponsors:

8.1. The budget

9. Some opinions on the SNSB activity

We append a report of professors Christophe Soule and Camil Muscalu after their courses given at SNSB

9.1. Reports of C. Soule and C. Muscalu

We append the opinion of 8 graduates, 6 of Mathematics and 2 of Informatics Department, on their activity at SNSB:

9.2. Some opinions of graduates of SNSB.