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           An Institute with the name The Institute of Mathematical Sciences was founded on December 22, 1945 by: Radu Badescu, Dan Barbilian, Nicolae Cioranescu, Gheorghe Demetrescu, Alexandru Froda, Dionisie Germani, Alexandru Ghica, Gheorghe Mihoc, Grigore Moisil, Miron Nicolescu, Octav Onicescu, Alexandru Pantazi, Dimitrie Pompeiu, Simeon Sanielevici, Petre Sergescu, Simion Stoilow, Gabriel Sudan, Nicolae Teodorescu, Victor Valcovici, Gheorghe Vranceanu. This Institute obtained its formal recognition by the decision 31/1946 of the Ilfov County Court.
           The "Simion Stoilow" Institute of Mathematics (IMAR) was founded in 1949, together with other institutes of the Romanian Academy.
           The first director, Dimitrie Pompeiu, being ill, it was Simion Stoilow, the deputy director, who lead the Institute in the period 1949 1954. Between 1954 1961 the director of the Institute was Simion Stoilow, while between 1961 1973 the director was Miron Nicolescu, who also was the President of the Academy. In 1973 the Institute passed under the leading of the Ministery of Education and between 1973 1975 the director was Romulus Cristescu. In April 1975 the Institute of Mathematics was dissolved by a decision of the Romanian President! It was only in 1990 when the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy was refounded, essentially with the researchers of the Mathematical Section of the National Institute INCREST (active between 1977 1990).
           In the period 1990 1999 the director of IMAR was Gheorghe Gussi, followed by Serban Basarab between 1999 2004.
           Already since its founding in 1949, IMAR had a intimate collaboration with the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Bucharest, most of the researchers of the institute having also teaching positions at the faculty.
           Under the leading of Simion Stoilow the institute had a crucial development, by attracting the best young Romanian mathematicians. Miron Nicolescu conducted IMAR towards a strong mathematical research institute, known world-wide. The refoundation of the institute in 1990 lead to the revived of the Romanian Mathematical research, IMAR obtaining between 2000 2004 the status of Centre of Excellence of the European Commission (Brussels). Presently, IMAR is well-known at international level as a top centre of mathematical research.