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Research topics:

Scientific interests belong to both Commutative and Noncommutative Algebra.

The members of the group are presently working on problems referring to: valued fields; quadratic forms; polynomials with applications to cryptography; Diophantine equations; multigraded modules; polytopal algebra; decomposability and irreducibility of multivariate polynomials; computational commutative algebra; local cohomology; theory of modules over graded rings; theory of comodules over coalgebras; co-Galois theory; representations of Hopf algebras; simplicial groups; 2-dimensional HQFTs; Moufang loops; lattices.


  • Besides ad hoc seminars focusing on problems or papers of manifest actuality, there is a scientific seminar of well established tradition which members of our research group are organizing in co-operation with colleagues from the University of Bucharest:
  • The Nicolae Radu Local Algebra Seminar, held at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, room 120, each Tuesday, from 12:00 to 14:00,
  • Another scientific activity with a long history is the National School on Algebra, organized in recent years in co-operation with Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Ovidius University Constanta.
  • Senior members currently supervise Master and Ph.D. theses, and teach courses at foreign and Romanian universities, including University of Bucharest and SNSB.
  • The research of group members is currently supported by various grants, both national and international. Members of our team are involved in numerous international collaborations through scientific visits and joint research activities.
  • Several of our group members serve as Editors to 4 ISI journals and 5 other scientific journals.