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History  The Topology Seminar started at the Faculty of Mathematics/University of Bucharest in 1978, when a group of mathematicians recently graduated from there had the idea to warm up in this way for their PhD program, in parallel with their high school teacher full-time duties: Barbu Berceanu (now researcher at IMAR Bucharest), Alexandru Dimca (now professor at Universite de Nice), Stefan Papadima (now researcher at IMAR Bucharest), Laurentiu Paunescu (now professor at the University of Sydney). The seminar was then hosted by INCREST Bucharest (1980-1989), and by IMAR Bucharest since 1990. The structure of the seminar is a mix of series of 2 hour presentations, and 1 hour conferences.

Participants  Cristian Anghel, Barbu Berceanu, Dorin Cheptea, Anca Macinic, Daniel Matei, Florin Nichita, Florin Panaite, Stefan Papadima (coordinator), Calin Popescu, Radu Popescu,...

Topics  categorification of knot invariants; topology and combinatorics of hyperplane arrangements; mapping class groups, Torelli groups, and the Johnson filtration of automorphism groups of groups; homological algebra; invariants of braids, links and 3-manifolds; representation varieties and twisted homology; representation theory; homotopy groups of algebraic varieties; topology and geometry of pencils of curves; homotopical algebra;...