Operatorial Methods, Complex and Functional Analysis, with Applications

Research Grant No. 05-D11-23/2005

October 2005 - September 2008


  • Institute of Mathematics "Simion Stoilow" of the Romanian Academy - project coordinator
  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Iasi
  • The West University of Timisoara
  • University of Pitesti

    The main theme of this project is a very important and active topic in the current mathematical research. Its goal is to apply the tools and methods of Mathematical Analysis to obtain significant theoretical results and at the same time to solve several problems that arise by modeling real-world processes of practical interest. Mathematical Analysis, with all its subfields, has proved to be an essential tool in most scientific or technological research domains. We plan to use the large experience of all teams involved in this project by bringing together a variety of specific methods and tackling a several important and up-to-date mathematical and practical research problems.

    1. Advanced deterministic and stochastic mathematical methods: control problems and potential theory
    2. Diffusion processes for interfaces and homogenization theory
    3. Geometrical and mechanical aspects of one-dimensional structures, numerical methods for quasi-variational inequalities; applications to contact and friction problems
    4. Functional and Harmonic Analysis methods in Matriceal Analysis, generalized stochastic processes and in the study of some classes of operators.
    5. Convexity in idempotent analysis
    6. Operator Algebras with applications to Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems, and Number Theory
    7. Several Complex Variables and Complex Dynamics

    Research Team

    Activities and Results