Mathematical Modeling of Ductile Rupture

Research Project of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research,
project number PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0045
Contract no. 61/2011

November 2011 - Octombrie 2016

Project Coordinator: Ioan Romeo Ionescu

Research Team

  • Lucian Beznea
  • Gabriela Marinoschi
  • Oana Lupascu

  • Activities and Results



    Scientific report

    Expected results: We want to obtain new theoretical results and numerical approach for some rupture models.
    Brief description of the expected objectives:
    1. Rupture modeling of shallow flow with topography
    1.1 Limit analysis for shallow flow with topography
    1.2 Variational formulation and existence solution2. DVDS method for shallow flow with topography
    2.1 Description by level sets of the rupture curves
    2.2 Global optimization methods