Complex Analysis and Related Topics

Research Grant No. 2-CEx06-11-10/2006

October 2006 - November 2008


  • Institute of Mathematics "Simion Stoilow" of the Romanian Academy - project coordinator
  • Babes-Bolyai University - Cluj Napoca
  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University - Iasi

    The project is devoted to a theme of tradition in romanian mathematical research, namely Complex Analysis and related domains. It puts at work the prestige and force of the romanian school of complex analysis, potential theory and cvasiconformality, as created by S. Stoilow in the middle of the last century and is based on the scientific cooperation of university centers with tradition in this domain: Bucuresti, Cluj and Iasi. This cooperation took shape around the Romanian-Finnish Seminar, born from the cooperation of S. Stoilow and R. Nevanlinna.
    The complex analysis is one of the most active branches of mathematics nowadays, having at the same time connections with other domains of mathematical analysis (such as potential theory, global analysis, measure theory), with algebraic geometry, topology, functional analysis. The three partner centers have a rich tradition and will be able to tackle several actual research directions in Complex Analysis and its related domains. In this way, a strong network will be created, with a large number of international cooperations.
    Some of the sub-themes studied in this project have practical applications and connections with other domains of mathematics and physics also fall within some of priorities of FP 7 for 2007-2013: Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies.

    1. Complex geometry and complex dynamics
    2. Univalent functions of one or several complex variables
    3. Analytic, probabilistic and geometric aspects in potential theory
    4. Modern aspects and tendencies in the theory of cvasiregular functions

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