Curriculum Vitae

In 1977 I graduated college, passing then the school-leaving examination. In the same year, I was admitted to the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics, Section Mathematics. After I finished the military service, 1n 1978, I begun to follow the courses of the faculty.

In 1982 I graduated the faculty, getting the degree, elaborating the graduation paper "Compact operators". In 1983, I graduated the V-th year of specialization in Operator Theory, elaborating the graduation paper of specialization "Essential normal operators and extensions of C*-algebras". Between 1983-1985, I fulfilled the probation in production, at I.Al. Slatina - the Computing Center, and in 1985 I was appointed mathematician at the Computing Center of Section of Mathematics, INCREST Bucharest. In 1990 I was admitted as doctorand, and I was appointed researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy.

On February 6, 1996 I got the doctor degree in Mathematics, standing the doctoral thesis "Dual systems in Potential Theory", and after the promotion examination (in the same year), I was appointed principal researcher (III) at the above institute.

Scientific papers