SNSB Departamentul de Matematica 2006-2007

Ciclul Masteral:

Nicolae Manolache (Bucharest): "Abelian Varieties" Sem I.
Eugen Mihailescu (Bucharest) "Ergodic theory with applications to dynamics" Sem I.

Marian Aprodu (Bucharest) " Homological methods in algebraic geometry" Luni 14-17.
Gheorghe Dinca (Bucharest) "Topological degree and fixed point theorems" Luni 9:30-12:30, Miercuri  12-15.

Louis Funar (Grenoble) "Teichmueller spaces and mapping class groups" 29 aprilie - 25 mai

Tamas Szamuely (Budapest) "p-adic Numbers and Equations Over Finite Fields" 23-28 aprilie, 28 mai - 2 iunie

Ciclul Pregatitor:

Alexandru Gica (Bucharest) "Quadratic forms according to Gauss" Sem I.
Atle Hahn (Bonn) "Lie Groups and Quantum Physics"
Sem I.

Daniel Matei (Bucharest) "Topology of Algebraic Plane Curves" Joi 9-12.
Jean-Marc Schlenker (Toulouse) and Sergiu Moroianu (Bucharest) "Hyperbolic manifolds in dimensions 2 and 3" Marti 9-12.

Ciclul de initiere:

Nicolae Popa (Bucharest) "Introduction in Mathematical Analysis:
The evolution of important notions from the beginnings to our times
" Marti, orele 16:30.
Radu Gologan and Calin Popescu (Bucharest)
"19th Century Mathematics- Selected Topics. About numbers and pictures"  Luni, orele 16:30, sala 412 (Grigore Moisil)

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