Informatics at SNSB (2002-2011)

General Presentation
Admission of Students
Courses Offered
Special Achievements
Call for courses for the academic year 2009-2010

General Presentation

The Informatics Department of SNSB started in 2002. Since 2009 it functions within the Department of Mathematics as a Master programme in mathematics-informatics, namely Logic and Formal Specification.

A complete cycle of study consists of 3 years, the last two years being the Master curriculum (certified by the Ministry of Education and Research of Romania). During the preliminary year of study students should pass exams for 3 courses. The duration of each course is one semester. The Master programme is research rather than study oriented. For the Master degree the students besides passing several exams also have to develop a research oriented Master thesis.

The curriculum of the Informatics Department is mainly focused towards formal methods for software engineering, especially algebraic specification. A unique combination of mathematical sophistication with high applicative value is one of the main aspects of this area.

The activity of the department is organized by a director (3 years mandate; currently Răzvan Diaconescu (IMAR)) and supervised by a scientific council consisting of professors from foreign or domestic universities.

By the power of its international relations, the Informatics Department arranges doctoral grants for its Master graduates to prestigious universities from Europe, Japan, and USA.

Admission of Students

SNSB does not ask for student fees. Moreover SNSB offers financial awards for each exam, the amount being proportional to the student performance.

Students are provisionally admitted to the preliminary year subject to only one requirement: they should be students, usually of the 3rd grade, of an informatics, mathematics, or physics  department of an officially recognized university in Romania or in another country.

Full admission is achieved by passing the exam for the first semester course Mathematical Foundations of Algebraic Specification which is the most basic course offered by the Informatics Department.

Admission to the master programme can be achieved either automatically as a consequence of graduating the preliminary year or else directly by passing an examination on category theory (recommended reading: S. Mac Lane, Categories for the Working Mathematician, Springer 1998). However, we strongly recommend the first way since admission directly to the 2 years Master programme without undertaking the preliminary year may lead to rather severe difficulties with the lectures.

Courses offered (past and present)


Courses for the Informatics Department are selected by the director based on received proposals. Proposals should contain a summary of the proposed course and the cv of the respective professor.

The professors for the academic years 2005-2011 were

Students (past and present)

Until now all students came from either Faculty of Mathematics of University of Bucharest, or Faculty of Automatics of Technical University "Politehnica" Bucharest. Some of the most representative students are briefly presented below

Some Special Achievements

In terms of the research results of the students, the SNS Master program in Informatics may be one of the most performant worldwide.

- The research reported in the following publications has been realized as a direct consequence of the activity at the Informatics Department. - 1 student gave a presentation at Second Romanian-Japanese Algebraic Specification Workshop held in Sinaia, Romania, March 2011.
- 2 students attended the JAIST Advanced School on Formal Specification and System Verification, held in Kanazawa, Japan, March 2010.
- The Informatics Department co-organized Sinaia School on Formal Verification of Software Systems (3-10 March 2008), a post-graduate school with international participation from Romania, Japan, Greece, Great Britain, Germany.
- 4 students attended the European Summer School on Logics for Specification Languages, organized by Dines Bjorner at Stara Lesna, Slovakia, June 2004. One of them (Daniel Găină) received a special award given by the CASL course.

Răzvan Diaconescu, Informatics Department, SNSB, January 2012