Supporting participation of Uganda in the International Mathematical Olympiads

Period: January-July 2019.
Project (in Romanian)
Statement: I believe that mathematical education is the key to success in the 21st century, for the developed as well as for the poorest countries of the world. As a Romanian student in the 1990's, I benefited myself from scholarships from richer countries. They greatly facilitated my education. I wish that the excellent students of today's poor countries get the same type of help I got at their age, encouraging them to pursue a career in mathematics.
Goal: I want to strengthen participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad for teams from developing sub-Saharan African countries like Uganda. The IMO is the leading international math competition for high-school students, taking place annually since 1959. To get an idea about what it is like for a student to qualify for the IMO but not be able to make the trip, read here.
Philantropy grant: I have submitted an application with Elsevier for a Philantropy grant aimed at supporting activities to advance mathematical sciences in developing nations.
Private donations: Thanks a lot for your donation! Our total until today is $1431. Please refresh the page to see the latest version. To protect your privacy while keeping the donation process transparent, I will mention your first name and last name initial.
Institutional donations: You may support Uganda's participation in the IMO by sponsoring the SSMR (Societatea de Stiinte Matematice din Romania). They have pledged to support in their turn their counterpart, the Uganda Mathematical Society, the organizer of math olympiads in Uganda.
Contact: Sergiu Moroianu
Email Me for further details if you want to join this effort.

Name Date Amount donated
Sergiu M. 27.01.2019 100 euro
Raluca C. 29.01.2019 10 euro
Lucretia M. 29.01.2019 5 euro
Luminita S. 29.01.2019 500 lei
Dan T. 07.02.2019 500 lei
Marius B. 09.02.2019 50 euro
Ovidiu S. 11.02.2019 10 euro
Tudor M. 11.02.2019 100 euro
Andrei U. 11.02.2019 25.63 euro
Bogdan I. 12.02.2019 100 lei
Mihai C. 13.02.2019 300 lei
Mirela B. 13.02.2019 200 lei
Liviu O. 13.02.2019 25 euro
Andreea G. 14.02.2019 15 euro
Iulian C. 14.02.2019 15 euro
Liviu M. 14.02.2019 500 lei
Lucian B. 14.02.2019 200 lei
Anne-Marie I. 15.02.2019 300 lei
Dorin P. 15.02.2019 100 lei
anonim 18.02.2019 300 lei
Wladimir B. 18.02.2019 200 lei
Ovidiu P. 18.02.2019 100 lei
Vasile B. 19.02.2019 100 dolari
anonim 19.02.2019 200 lei
Cezar J. 20.02.2019 200 lei
Razvan D. 20.02.2019 200 lei

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