23rd International Conference on Operator Theory

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The 23rd Conference in Operator Theory, organized jointly in Timisoara by the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy and the West University in Timisoara, will take place between June 29 and July 4, 2010, in Timisoara, Romania. Support for the conference is provided by the Theta Foundation and by SOFTWIN-BitDefender.

The editors of the Journal of Operator Theory:

W.B. Arveson, K.R. Davidson, N.K. Nikolskii, S. Stratila, and F.-H. Vasilescu,

constitute the Steering Committee of the conference.

As usually, the conference is devoted to operator theory, operator algebras and their applications  (differential operators, complex functions, mathematical physics, matrix analysis, system theory, etc.).

Invited speakers:
(current tentative list, with various degrees of certainty)

C. Badea, E. Blanchard, M. Dritschel, R.G. Douglas, F. Fidaleo, A. Gamburd, E. Katsoulis, Y. Kawahigashi, V. Kaftal, L. Kerchy, D. Kerr, E. Kirchberg, M. Mbekhta, Ch. Le Merdy, V. Muller, C. Muscalu, V. Peller, G. Popescu, H. Queffelec, F. Radulescu, J. Renault, Ch. Skau, E. Størmer, F.H. Vasilescu, J. Zemanek.

The deadline is March 30, 2010. You can either register online, or send an e-mail message to ot[at]theta.ro or ot[at]imar.ro.

The Conference will be held in the main building of the West University of Timisoara (str. V. Parvan 4). Two daily sessions, morning and afternoon, are planned. There will be plenary lectures of 40 min. and communications of 30 min. and 20 min. Subject to the number of registered participants, several parallel sections will be organized.

Final programme.


Here is a list of participants, as of May 15.

An abstract of maximum 20 lines of the corresponding lecture/communication should be submitted online on the Web at


Abstracts can be viewed at


Alternatively, abstracts can be sent by e-mail to ot[at]theta.ro or ot[at]imar.ro. The deadline for receiving abstracts is June 15th, 2010.

Timisoara can be reached:

- by plane:    - directly to Timisoara (strongly recommended);

The English web page of the airport in Timisoara may be useful for information concerning flights and access to/from airport:

Timisoara Airport "Traian Vuia"

                     - to Budapest, where several low cost airlines fly from western Europe. The most efficient way to reach Timisoara from the Budapest airport is the shuttle service provided by the company Sirius. They require advance reservations, either by email at sirius[at]arad.ro, or by phone at +40 257 253 434. It takes 5-6 hours from Budapest airport to Timisoara, and they drop passengers at the desired hotel.

                     - to Bucharest, then taking a domestic flight or the train to Timisoara.

- by train:      Timisoara is about 7 hours distance from Bucharest, 6 hours from Budapest (Hungary) and 3 hours from Belgrade (Yugoslavia).

The English web page of the Romanian Railways is


To look for international train connections all over Europe, a good place is the site of the Austrian Railways. The English version of the page is


The required destination should be Timisoara Nord.

- by car:       If you travel from Western Europe take from Wien to Budapest the freeway M1; then after Budapest M5 to Szeged. Leaving the freeway at Szeged, continue towards Mako(Arad/Bucharest), and just before entering Mako there are signs directing towards Timisoara (you will cross the border at Csanad/Cenad and pass afterwards through Sannicolau Mare).

EU, US, and Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter Romania. Otherwise the requirements depend on different bilateral agreements, so the safest thing is to contact early the Romanian Embassy in your country.

The Conference fee is 100 Euros, which is expected to be paid at arrival. A limited number of waivers might be granted to graduate students and young researchers; applications should be made in due time. 

Two types of lodging are available:

- Hotel: We suggest that participants contact one of the following hotels. They are conveniently situated, less than 15 minutes walking distance from the main venues of the conference, and accept advance reservations, preferably by fax. Prices for a single room should be around 45 euros/night.

                    Hotel Central. Web site www.hotel-central.ro, email central[at]online.ro, telephone +40 256 490 091, fax +40 256 490 096.

                    Hotel Perla. There are actually four hotels, Perla I,II,III, and IV, close one from the other. Web site www.hotelperla.ro, telephone/fax numbers:
    +40 256 495 201
    +40 256 495 203
    +40 256 497 858
    +40 256 203 100

                   Hotel Valentina. Web site www.hotelvalentina.ro, email office[at]hotelvalentina.ro, telephone/fax +40 256 497 535.

                   Euro Hotel. Telephone +40 256 201 253.

- Students Dormitory:  One place in a double room is 20 Euros per night. Arrangements will be made through the organizers.


OT21, Institute of Mathematics
P.O. Box 1-764, 014700 Bucharest, Romania

e-mail: ot[at]theta.ro, ot[at]imar.ro

Further updates on the conference will be posted on this site.