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Chemlambda / Graphic lambda calculus / em / pure see  
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chemlambda project
Chemlambda v2 page for [chemlambda v2]
Chemlambda for the people, slides for [chemlambda v2]
Early demos for [chemlambda v1]

(arXiv) (github) (figshare) -Graph rewrites, from graphic lambda calculus, to chemlambda, to directed interaction combinators (2020), [chemlambda v2, chemlambda v1, GLC]
(arxiv) (github) - Artificial chemistry experiments with chemlambda, lambda calculus, interaction combinators (2020), [chemlambda v2]
(arxiv) (github) - Artificial life properties of directed interaction combinators vs. chemlambda (2020), [chemlambda v2]
(github) - Graph rewrites, from emergent algebras to chemlambda (2020), [chemlambda v2, chemlambda v1, GLC]
(github) - Introduction to Pure See (2020), [chemlambda v2, pure see]
(arxiv) - The em-convex rewrite system, previously on (github) (2018), [em]
(DOI) - Chemlambda strings, (2018), [chemlambda v2]
(arXiv) (DOI)- Molecular computers, text version (2018) of the original, open issue for comments at github. [chemlambda v2]
(DOI)- The Chemlambda collection of simulations (2017) [chemlambda v2]
(github)- The library of chemlambda molecules (2016), instructions to use here [chemlambda v2]
(github)- Turing machines, chemlambda style (2015), [chemlambda v2]
(html)- Molecular computers (2015), [chemlambda v2]
(DOI) (journal)- Build a molecular computer. Journal of Brief Ideas (2015), [chemlambda v2]
(doi) (arxiv) - Zipper logic. (2014), 16 pages, 24 colour figures, [alternative to chemlambda v1]
(MIT Press) (arxiv) - Chemlambda, universality and self-multiplication. (2014) 8 pages, 21 colour figures. with Louis H. Kauffman, presented at ALIFE 14 [GLC, chemlambda v1]
(arxiv) - GLC actors, artificial chemical connectomes, topological issues and knots. (2013), with Louis H. Kauffman [GLC, chemlambda v1]
(DOI) (arxiv) - Chemical concrete machine. (2013), [chemlambda v1]
(journal) (arxiv) - Graphic lambda calculus. Complex Systems 22, 4 (2013), 311-360, [GLC]
(arxiv) - Origin of emergent algebras. (2013), [em]
(arxiv) - On graphic lambda calculus and the dual of the graphic beta move. (2013), [pre-GLC]
(arxiv) - Graphic lambda calculus and knot diagrams. (2012), [pre-GLC, knot theoretic]
(arxiv) - Local and global moves on locally planar trivalent graphs, lambda calculus and lambda-Scale. (2012), [pre-GLC]
(arxiv) - Lambda-Scale, a lambda calculus for spaces with dilations (update 23.05.2012), [em, pre-GLC]
(arxiv)- Computing with space: a tangle formalism for chora and difference. (2011), [em, knot theoretic]
(arxiv) - Emergent algebras, (2009), [em]
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