CCD Based Video System for Real Time Activity Monitoring


This research was part of a collaboration with SafeGames, Inc., Las Vegas, US (

It was aimed at the development of an integrated monitoring system that is able to capture an image in response to the signal triggered by a sensor and to deliver an information extracted from that image to an attached personal computer.

The system is a mixed analog-digital design.
The analog part has to ensure the proper processing of the image signal delivered by a CCD sensor with emphasis on image stability, electrical offsets elimination and noise reduction.

The logic part has to perform several functions:

       coordinating the sequence of actions, from image acquisition to information delivery to the attached PC;

       managing the communication protocol between the system and the PC;

       maintaining the CCD sensor in the ready state during non active periods (in particular, taking care of the dark noise reduction) as the video acquisition is not continual but is triggered by a hardware signal.

The system makes use of a microcontroller for realizing the above functions, while the low level and high speed functions related to CCD driving signals and communication protocol are provided by programmable logic of CPLD type.

Dr. Vuza's work on this topic is testified by the document Certificate of Achievement issued by SafeGames, Inc.