Network protocols for real-time monitoring of independent processes.

A system for monitoring of independent processes would consist of a central workstation connected via a local network to several computers dedicated to specialized tasks of different kinds. The purpose is to collect data from these tasks in real time and store them in a central database. The system should meet the following requirements:
Such a system was developed in 1995 and 1996 by Dr. Vuza as a part of a multinational project initiated by Mikohn Gaming Corporation and is certified by the document Certificate of Achievement and Accomplishment issued by the named company.

Artificial Intelligence - based System for Activity Monitoring

The purpose of the system is to monitor the activity at a game table in real time and to transmit the information to a central station. It consists of the following components.
Such a system has been developed by Dr. Vuza during his participation to the SafeGames project initiated and supervised by SafeGames Inc. and Mikohn Games Corporation, both of Las Vegas, U.S.A, and was presented at World Gaming Congress & Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, September 1999.