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"The Romanian-Tibetan Friendship Association" is an organisation aiming to promote various aspects of Tibetan culture within Romania, to help Romanian people interested in Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism, to help Tibetans preserve their unique culture and gain their freedom.

Potala Palace - Lhasa, Tibet

Holy Mount Kailas - Tibet
Promote Tibetan Culture in Romania

All aspects of Tibetan culture are deeply related to the Tibetan Buddhism. We would like to support the interest of Romanian people in Tibetan Buddhism together with its various cultural aspects at several levels, including for examples areas such as traditional Tibetan arts or medicine. In order to do this we have started several projects.

Help preserving Tibetan Culture and Tradition

The unique Tibetan culture and tradition are gravely endangered by the brutal occupation of Tibet by China. Although our organisation is mainly cultural, we are also a member of International Tibet Support Network which is actively engaged in the non-violent international struggle for freedom in Tibet. By making the Romanian public opinion aware of the unique heritage of the Tibetan tradition and of the current situation in Tibet, we hope to gather Romanian support for the cause of freedom in Tibet.


The Romanian-Tibetan Friendship Association
Tibet Support Group Romania

member of "International Tibet Support Network"