Stratified institutions and elementary homomorphisms. (abstract)

For conventional logic institutions, when one extends the sentences to contain open sentences, their satisfaction is then parameterized. For instance, in the first-order logic, the satisfaction is parameterized by the valuation of unbound variables, while in modal logics it is further by possible worlds.

This paper proposes a uniform treatment of such parameterization of the satisfaction relation within the abstract setting of logics as institutions, by defining the new notion of stratified institutions. In this new framework, the notion of elementary model homomorphisms is defined independently of an internal stratification or elementary diagrams. At this level of abstraction, a general Tarski style study of connectives is developed. This is an abstract unified approach to the usual Boolean connectives, to quantifiers, and to modal connectives. A general theorem subsuming Tarski's elementary chain theorem is then proved for stratified institutions with this new notion of connectives.
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