International Cooperation in Algebra, Geometry and Topology – CIDAGT

(contract 249-Cex-M3-249-2006)

Short description of the research project

Having as research themes ones of great actuality, algebra, geometry and topology, the project has as aim the creation of new linking with the most important european and international research centers from the scientific area of the members of the research team, contributing to the going up of the international visibility of the team by the opportunities offered by the Module 3.

The project turn to account the brilliant tradition of the roumanian research in algebra, geometry and topology, distinguished by the existence of powerfull schools in algebra, algebraic geometry, differential geometry and differential topology. We emphasize that most of the research of the team have an interdisciplinary character. The activities that take place in the project are the organising of conferences and workshops with large international participation and the achievement of working visit and cycles of expositions of foreign teachers and researcher . We mention that some members of the team had been part as subnodes in european networks (financed by UE-Bruxelles projects), EAGER (algebraic geometry) and EDGE (differential geometry), and also by the existence of bilateral agreements of international cooperation. The aim of the project is also to prepair the team members for the participation at some projects in the 7 UE program. We also mention, the participation at the project of several young researchers, members of our team, which follow Ph. D. programs in our country or in several european universities.

The project domains are:

  1. combinatorics and commutative algebra, noncommutative algebra

  2. the classification of the varieties and subvarieties

  3. moduli spaces

  4. homological and cohomological methods in algebra, geometry and topology.

Project Director Dorin-Mihail Popescu – Principal Researcher at the Institute of Mathematics Simion Stoilow of the Romanian Academy.

The research team from the Institute of Mathematics Simion Stoilow of the Romanian Academy:


Nastasescu Constantin

Popescu Nicolae

Basarab Serban

Manolache Nicolae

Vajaitu Marian

Papadima Stefan

Berceanu Barbu

Ionescu Cristodor

Aprodu Marian

Constantinescu Adrian

Dan Nicusor

Barcau Mugurel

Barcanescu Serban

Cipu Mihai

Cobeli Cristian

Popescu Clement

Nichita Florin

Popescu Calin

Pantilie Radu

David Liana

Pasarescu Ovidiu

Coanda Justin

Buruiana Nicolae

Chiriacescu Gabriel

Panaite Florin

Anghel Cristian

Ene Viviana

Ibadula Denis

Bonciocat Nicolae

Macinic Anca

Epure Mihai

Ostafe Alina

Ostafe Lavinia

Cimpoeas Mircea

Stamate Dumitru

The research team from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Bucharest:

Dumitrescu Tiberiu – project director from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Bucharest

Ianus Steriu

Ionescu Paltin

Dragoş Ştefan

Dascalescu Sorin

Becheanu Mircea

Ornea Liviu

Vuletescu Victor

Gherghe Catalin

Voica Cristian

Gica Alexandru

Iosif Mihai

Vladoiu Marius

Mincu Gabriel

Halanay Andrei

Research financially supported in 2006:

    1. The visit in Romania at IMAR and the Universitaty of Bucharest – Facultaty of Mathematics, of Prof. Christian Peskine from University Paris 6, Jussieu-Paris, Scientific Deputy Director of the Department of Mathematics and Physics of CNRS France, in the period 18-22 september 2006.

    2. The organization at IMAR of IMAR Workshop Fall 2006, section geometry-topology, in the period 18 september – 18 october 2006, with the participation of romanian and foreign experts.

    3. The visit in Romania of Prof. Alkiviadis Akrites, at the University of Bucharest in the period 18-25 september 2006.