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Contract de Cercetare in cadrul Programului PNII - Resurse Umane al CNCSIS
Cod Proiect RP-3-1/2008

Iunie 2009 - Iunie 2011

Director de Proiect: Cristian Bereanu

  • Cristian Bereanu, Petru Jebelean, Jean Mawhin - Radial solutions for Neumann problems involving mean curvature operators in Euclidean and Minkowski spaces, Mathematische Nachrichten, Volume 283 Issue 3 , Pages 331 - 499 (March 2010).
    In this paper we study the existence of radial solutions for Neumann problems in a ball and in an annular domain, associated to mean curvature operators in Euclidean and Minkowski spaces. Our approach relies on the Leray-Schauder degree together with some fixed point reformulations of our nonlinear Neumann boundary value problems