Algebraic Geometry Workgroup

Members List:

A prominent member of the group was the late Professor Constantin Banica. Some former members of the group are now spread at several Universities all over the world: Alexandru Buium, Ciprian Borcea, Alexandru Dimca, Nicolae Manolache, Andras Nemethi.

Scientific Seminar:

Algebraic Geometry, each Thursday, from 10 to 12, at the Institute.

The following members of the Dept. of Math. of the University of Bucharest are regularly attending the seminar: Prof. Gheorghe Galbura (which, in fact, initiated the group after 1955 toghether with the late Professor Ionel Bucur and Prof. Alexandru Lascu), Prof. Paltin Ionescu, dr. Victor Vuletescu, Cristian Voica etc. Several students from the terminal years of the University also participate in the seminar.

Research Topics:

The members of the group are currently giving advanced courses at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Bucharest and supervise Master and Ph.D. Thesis in the field.