New Trends in Modern Analysis
Probabilistic and Analytic Methods in PDEs and Spectral Theory

Hammamet, Tunisia, 20 - 24 November, 2011

List Of Talks

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List of Talks

Yassine Adjabi: Third-order ordinary differential equations with Fuchs indices
Olfa Allegue: Compactness result for quasilinear problems with variable exponent on the whole space
Ali Hichem Bel Hadj: Schatten-von Neumann convergence for large coupling
Ali Beldi: Pointwise estimates for the ground states of some classes of positivity preserving operators
Besma Berhail: Détermination de la frontière d'un demi-plan localement perturbé dans un problème inverse de diffraction
Chems Eddine Berhail: Cycles limites d'une classe des \'{e}quations diff\'{e}rentielles du troisi\`{e}me ordre
Lucian Beznea: Quasi-regular non-sectorial Dirichlet forms by processes having the same polar sets
Johannes F. Brasche: On δ'-interactions on sets of Lebesgue measure zero
Thierry Cazenave: Decays rates and scalings Schrödinger's equation
Michael Demuth: On Spectral Theory for Dirichlet forms
Hichem Hajaiej: Rearrangement techniques and some applications
Mohamed Ali Jendoubi: Convergence of global and bounded solutions of evolution equations and the Lojasiewicz inequality
Stefan Kroemer: On compactness of minimizing sequences with applications to symmetry
Mohamed Majdoub: Energy critical heat equation in two space dimensions
Laurent Michel: Semiclassical analysis of Metropolis algorithm on bounded domains
Andrei-George Oprina: Discrete branching type processes and nonlinear operators
Tohru Ozawa: Finite charge solutions to cubic Schrödinger equations with a nonlocal nonlinearity in one space dimension
Ionel Popescu: The one dimensional free Poincaré inequality
Alessio Pomponio: Some results on the nonlinear Schrodinger-Maxwell equation
Mohamed Selmi: Estimation of Green's function on piecewise Dini-smooth bounded Jordan domanins
Asma Karoui Souyeh:On a class of nonhomogenous quasilinear problem in Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces
Peter Stolmmann: The $\bar{∂}$ Neumann operator and its heat semigroup
Pavel Stovicek: The quantum averaging method applied to\par a time-dependent Aharonov-Bohm Hamiltonian
Gerald Trutnau: Conservativeness of non-symmetric diffusion processes generated by perturbed divergence forms
Michiel van den Berg: Heat flow and spectrum for regions with a Brownian boundary