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Ecuatii diferentiale si control optimal "Aristide Halanay"

The scientific seminar with the initial subject Qualitative theory of differential equations , organized jointly by the Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy and the Department of Differential and Integral Calculus of the School (Faculty) of Mathematics and Physics of the Bucharest University at the initiative and under the leadership of Professor Aristide Halanay (1924-1997) started in February 1953 and takes place weekly and continuously since then.

The seminar was dedicated to those problems of differential equations considered as belonging to the qualitative theory:
boundedness, oscillations, (almost)-periodicity and stability.

After 60 years, this genuine scientific institution is as open as before to its initial sources: active research areas of the field, young researchers promotion and worldwide cooperation. This gives legitimate hopes that it may continue for a long time, in the benefit of Mathematics.

60 years of activity.

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